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You're probably asking, "What is a WonkCast?". To be honest we really aren't 100% sure what a "Wonk" is, but we do know that it is the nick name of our City of Wetaskiwin. So if anyone knows and can can prove to us what "Wonk" actually means, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Our WonkCast is a HALF HOUR Podcast (or as close to that timeline as we can get) that we want to use as a venue to help promote the arts and music scene in Wetaskiwin, Alberta Canada. This will be mainly interviews of artists, musicians and businesses that support and help our plethora of local talent. For a city of only about 13,000 residents, there is an incredible amount of talented people. Everything from painting, wood art, metal art, photography and musicianship. Let's not forget about the actors and the incredible live plays that are performed through out different venues. The main performing arts is done at the Manluk Theatre on the Kimto stage, but there have been plays done at some of the churches and schools as well.

If you are a local artists, actor, musician, business or are relocating to Wetaskiwin, we invite you to contact us and be a part of our show. Currently we are recording HALF HOUR shows, with plans to move to an hour in the near future and then eventually into video and yes, dare we say, live! The odd time we are going to do these on Facebook live and/or Youtube live, so keep checking back for details.

If you would like to become a sponsor/advertiser, our rates can be discussed by contacting us here.
This podcast is recorded weekly on Saturday evenings at Dalcon Visual Arts 4914 - 50 Street, Wetaskiwin, AB.

Who are we? We are just two locals trying to help make a difference in our community with a positive spin on the arts and music. Dale is a business owner, photographer and musician and Justin is a stand up comic and also has a country music single released. So you will be hearing Justin's voice doing most of the talking :). Contact him for details on his song that's available on iTunes.

We have officially started our YouTube Channel:
We may have faces for radio, but video will be the next step. Can't say you weren't warned!

The rules so far:
1) Do Not post advertisements on our Facebook page, they will be deleted and you will be banned. If you want an ad placed here, you MUST contact us first.
2) The Facebook page is not the place for open debate. Go to your rant and rave and do that there.
3) We reserve the right to delete any posts and/or podcasts that we want to. It's our page(s) and that's final.
4) Have fun, ask questions and become a part of our podcast if you are able to.
5) An interview may, and probably will, run a little more that a half hour, so we reserve the right to edit the podcast to fit our half hour agenda. No exceptions.
6) By coming onto our show, you acknowledge and agree to these rules and terms.