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In The Studio

We are currently working on a video and live streaming studio. This means that there will be all kinds of different content listed on this page including artists showing their painting styles and giving tips and tricks, solo artists and musicians playing their own songs and much more. If you want to be part of the show, send us a message or call us. Please use the "Contact Us" page.

This page will evolve slowly and get better with time, but our own time is limited so we do what we can. Please follow and subscribe to our Youtube Channel, leave comments, ask questions and be entertained.

Time with TaNNy

TaNNy is one of our sponsors and she is also an artist. Please check out her videos below.

Your Show HereYour Show Here
Time With TaNNy Episode 1Episode 1Episode 1
Time With TaNNy Episode 1bEpisode 2Episode 2
Time With TaNNy Episode 2Episode 3Episode 3