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Photo Studio

Passport photos will be available before the New Year (2017).

Our studio is 12' x 14' with 11 ft ceiling, so it's comfortable for taking portrait photos of you and your family, the family pet or even product shots.

We have the basic studio lights, tripod, reflectors and a few muslin backdrops, green screen, as well as a 5x7' Frozen backdrop for the kids to have their pictures taken with. There are more on the way too! You will need your own camera while renting the studio.

Our main goal is to rent out this studio space and our rates are more than reasonable. We can take your photos as well, but if you have a favorite photographer and want them to take your pictures, that's what it's all about. Got your own camera and need the space because your basement isn't large enough? Then we have the space for you. Bring your own lights, flash, umbrellas, reflectors, props or whatever. You're probably more comfortable using your own equipment anyway, so that works too!

Optionally, we are able to rent out our gallery space as well, but that is an additional cost and must be done during off hours. The gallery space is approximately 1400 sq ft, big beautiful wooden ceiling beams and the ceiling is 11 ft high. A staff member will be present at all times.

For full studio pricing, please email or call 780-352-6092

Equipment available: (more coming very soon)

3 - 180 watt studio lights
1 - Tripod
1 - Gold/Silver round reflector
1 - Backdrop hangar
1 - Chroma key Green screen/backdrop 10x20'
1 - Black backdrop 10x20'
1 - Black backdrop 5x7'
1 - Pink backdrop 5x7'
1 - Blue/White dye backdrop 5x7'
1 - Grey/White dye backdrop 10x20'
1 - "Frozen" characters backdrop 5x7'
1 - Each yellow, red & white light gels
1 - Honeycomb diffuser
1 - Gold umbrella reflector
1 - White umbrella
1 - Mini Diffuser Softbox (mounts to your camera flash)
1 - Studio rental (12'x14') $25.00/hr. Minimum 1/2 hr. Any time going past the 1/2 hour will be charged the full hour.