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About the Artist

Stephanie Kapteyn was born in Abbotsford B.C. She now lives in Edmonton, Alberta where she has lived for thirteen years. She is mostly known to paint with watercolor and acrylic paints. At twenty three years old she is currently an entrepreneur in her own business as an artist. From 2014-2016 she was a cake artist, painting on custom cakes. One painted cake for Brad Paisley was recognized by him as “The fanciest cake I think I have ever seen”. You can find her art installations in Kingsway Mall, The Visitor Information Center, Wetaskiwin, Dalcon Visual Arts and with many happy customers. She has had a total of four art shows and events including running a children's art camp. She is passionate about her art and her walk as a Christian. Stephanie’s style is reflected not by a category but as a window of her heart through her art.

Stephanie Kapteyn

As of March 17, 2017 we are happy to announce that Stephanie has joined our gallery family. This young lady has a very diverse collection and there really is no one general category she falls into; she seems to be able to do it all !

As you will see by viewing only a sample of what we have here, she covers a lot of bases. Her collection is much greater and you can see more by visiting her personal web site and her Facebook page. Like most artists, Stephanie is able to do commissioned work if you have something in mind. We feel confident in saying that you wouldn't be disappointed.

Photo prints of the Black Bear are available. The White canvas with the Chief and the smog has been sold and the lighthouse is no longer available at Dalcon (prints will not be available for this item).




Contact Stephanie with any inquiries through her email: