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Passports-Firearms License and More

If you are looking to have your passport photos updated or need new ones, we can do this for you at a very low cost. We believe we are the lowest in town!

Not just passports though, we can also supply you with the photos required for your firearms license and any other general ID for universites, colleges, etc. We cannot take your drivers licence, however, you need to do that at the motor vehicle office.

The prices for these are all identical and you will receive 2 photographs as per passport and firearms license specifications. Some Universities and Colleges have their own specifications as well and you will need to supply that information to us.

ID tag photos for your company can be supplied as well. Please contact us for details.

If the photographs are ever rejected for whatever reason, we will retake them for you at no extra charge.

$10.99 for two photographs and ready within minutes. Please call 780-352-6092email or visit in store for more details.

Passport photo requirements (Canadian)

Alberta Firearms License Requirements