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We started our gallery in March of 2016 with full intentions of helping promote local talent. We weren't disappointed.

News and Events

December Promotion - Purchase $200.00 or more in art and receive a $20.00 Dalcon gift certificate. These are valid for your next purchase and also make great stocking stuffers!

October 19, 2017 - It's been a while, so to get you up to date, we have been busy. There has been several new additions of artists to our gallery family and a ton of new artwork. Check out the links under the drop down arrows above. You won't be disappointed. We also created an Instagram account so you can keep up with us there too. Follow us under "dalconvisual". Also don't forget to like our Facebook page. We are updating that on a daily basis.

July 25, 2017 - We will be able to plaque mount your photographs very soon. Check back for details and pricing.

We have updated our email address to Please update your contact/address books. This is effective June 1, 2017. You can also reach us using our Contact Page.

May 30, 2017 - We are proud to announce that there will be 3 amazing artist here at our gallery performing live art demonstrations. Depending on the weather there may be one or more of them outside doing their thing. It's only for a few short hours, so be sure to pencil this in on your calendars. 1:00pm - 4:00pm and the artists will be Christopher "Day One" Carlson, Joshua Alexander and Stephanie Kapteyn. 3 different styles and 3 amazing artists.


As a supporter of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society, we are always proud to photograph any and all events happening at the theatre. Wether it be a play, musical or music event, we do our best to help promote as well. With that being said, we will be creating a page devoted to just that, but will also include other events in our region as we are able to get to them. 


We have items on sale. Check them out here

Passport photos and Firearms license photos are now available at a very reasonable price - $12.99 for a set of two photographs. If you are not happy with them or they are rejected for whatever reason, we will retake them for you at no charge.

A couple of very recent engagement photo shoots were done by us and they were a ton of fun. Both were outdoor shoots and in the summer, the great outdoors really is the place to do this! Congratulations to Jeff & Jackie Hay (Kiley) on their marriage. This was supposed to be an engagement party, but they tricked everyone in attendance. They rented two buses, gathered everyone up, and drove them all to a nice quiet little church where they surprised everyone by actually getting married!

As well Kevan & Ana announced a while back that they got engaged and their wedding was on June 24, 2017. We grabbed the cameras and went outside and got a few photos for them and after some editing, we are happy to say they are pleased with them as well. Below are a couple of photos that we did for both parties.


This page is to help keep you informed of news, events, sales and more in store and within the Wetaskiwin arts community. Check back often as you never know what might be happening.

We have updated our Copyright page. Please take the time to read it carefully.

New arrivals in click here to see the art


We have a new process done right in our Gallery. We do not send away to have it done.

Dry mounting is now available. If you would like to have a photograph, a puzzle or other items (flat surfaces) mounted onto a dry mount foam board, we can now do that for you. Below is a picture of a sample puzzle (not for sale) we did for our little buddy. Example: 16"x20" (mounting only) is only $16.00. That's only $0.05 per sq/in.

The only background colors available are black and white at this time, however if you get it framed, and/or a matte you can choose from a multitude of colors as all frames and mattes can be custom built to your needs. The great part about this is that if you wanted to remove your art/photo, etc. from the foam board (why would you want to?), it's as simple as using a hair dryer and slowly removing it. Come down to our Gallery and see for yourself.

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The Run for Kids event is in Wetaskiwin on June 4, 2016. Please get involved and help support the Boys and Girls Club.
- We are proud to be part of this annual event and hope to be again in the upcoming years to follow. Check our Facebook page for photos of the teams.

The Special Olympics in Wetaskiwin and Alberta. (Contact Blain Fuller email)

Loverboy concert featuring Wetaskwin's own Dead End Drive as the opening act - June 18, 2016

Wetaskiwin Air Show - July 20, 2016


We are proud to have housed the items for a Silent Auction in May 2016 and helped raise funds ($1970.00) for the Canadian Red Cross helping those in need due to the fires in Alberta. Special thanks to Jody Napier for setting this all up.
(Photo credit Wetaskiwin Times)



Race for Kids 2016