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Once again this annual event, Free Our Finest, helps raise funds and raise awareness for the Wetaskiwin Special Olympics. Sept 13-15. Every year at the Walmart store, 4 members of protective services, ambulance and the fire department, get arrested and taken atop scaffolding and brave the elements and sleep in tents. They also entertain through out the day and other events happen on site as well. Please show your support by making a donation and every $25.00 donation gets the boys to do the YMCA dance. The first one of the day is free :)

The Truck and Tractor pulls at the Wetaskwin Ag Grounds were the first ever for this newly dedicated track. Wayne Vanouck is a long time puller and has done so much for this sport. Here's a link to some photos of the Saturday event.

Mark your calendars for September 27, 2019 to attend the Taste of Wetaskiwin happening once again this year. There will be several wine, beer and spirits vendors as well as some great food from different restaurants in and around the area. We have partnered with the City of Wetaskiwin, The Wetaskiwin & District Heritage Museum and Super Value Liquor to bring this event to you all. Not to be out done by last years event, we once again will have a few artists on stage completing paintings that will be sold during a live auction through out the night. Each artist will have a couple hours to complete their art and will receive all the monies generated by the auction. As well, each artists will have other pieces of art on display and for sale showing their diversity as artists. Please visit for all the details and prices of admission and more.


We here at Dalcon Visual Arts send our deepest condolences to friends and family of James Gilbert. RIP James, you will be missed by so many.

We have created a new page where you can find all the items we currently have that are listed at $100.00 or less. Click here to browse through all images and pricing.

June 22, 2019 - The Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival will be having their 3rd annual event. Please check the Facebook page for details coming soon!

We are proud to say that we have in our own way, been a supporter of this local hockey team, the Shooting Penguins. We may have been a little biased because our daughter was the coach and our grandson played on it :). If it's for the kids, we're all for it!


As a supporter of the Wetaskiwin Theatre Society, we are always proud to photograph any and all events happening at the theatre. Wether it be a play, musical or music event, we do our best to help promote as well.

We have items on sale. Check them out here

Passport photos and Firearms license photos are now available at a very reasonable price - $12.99 for a set of two photographs. If you are not happy with them or they are rejected for whatever reason, we will retake them for you at no charge.

This page is to help keep you informed of news, events, sales and more in store and within the Wetaskiwin arts community. Check back often as you never know what might be happening.

We have updated our Copyright page. Please take the time to read it carefully

Dry mounting is now available. If you would like to have a photograph, a puzzle or other items (flat surfaces) mounted onto a dry mount foam board, we can now do that for you. Below is a picture of a sample puzzle (not for sale) we did for our little buddy. Example: 16"x20" (mounting only) is only $16.00. That's only $0.05 per sq/in. Same day service.

The only background colours available are black and white at this time, however if you get it framed, and/or a matte you can choose from a multitude of colours as all frames and mattes can be custom built to your needs. Come down to our Gallery and see for yourself.


 (Marvel TM is a registered trademark) Item in photograph is not for sale


The Race for Kids event is in Wetaskiwin on June 4, 2016. Please get involved and help support the Boys and Girls Club.

The Special Olympics in Wetaskiwin and Alberta. (Contact Blain Fuller email)

Loverboy concert featuring Wetaskwin's own Dead End Drive as the opening act - June 18, 2016

Wetaskiwin Air Show - July 20, 2016


We are proud to have housed the items for a Silent Auction in May 2016 and helped raise funds ($1970.00) for the Canadian Red Cross helping those in need due to the fires in Alberta. Special thanks to Jody Napier for setting this all up.
(Photo credit Wetaskiwin Times)




Race for Kids 2016