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About The Artist

"My name is Kasandra McGill and I am an abstract artist from Wetaskiwin. I've always had a passion for the arts, but only recently have I realized my passion for finger-painting. Starting out drawing with pencil, pen and ink, and charcoal, I followed suit of messy mediums and began to finger paint. My favourite thing about my art is being able to create something that enables the viewer to use their imagination and visualize different things. Please enjoy exploring my works."

Kasandra McGill

Kasandra has recently joined our gallery family and we are excited to have her with us. She's young, energetic and has talented and that is what makes her who she is as an artist.

Her use of colours, brush strokes and vivid imagination helps bring her work to life. Look closely at the paintings and you might see something different every time you look at it. It's not often you get to experience that effect.