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About the Artist

Joshua Alexander started a path in painting in late 2011 . Being pretty artistic all his life, Joshua taught himself to paint and soon ditching brushes, mainly now finger paints his artworks . Being self-taught with no immediate influences has made for a diverse subject base and varying technique. Being limitless in expression with color and texture, Joshua's art is profoundly eye catching and shouts to a wide audience. 

Galleries currently showcasing Joshuas work include Editions Gallery, Dalcon Visual Arts Gallery, Delrees Native Art Gallery, Nipsis Gallery, French Beach Market Gallery, and Motion Gallery.

I want my art to be something people can look at and then keep looking at...and then look at some more. I love when people find out I fingerpaint my work. Its rewarding to be almost unique in style and have people appreciate the work put into each piece. Though I do use brushes sometimes, I primarily use my fingers. I paint a lot of famous people from past and present as well as cartoons, as I love pop culture and cartoons. I want my art to be fun and explosive. I find "tortured soul" art somehow not as relevant to myself, so keeping things simple in meaning ,yet somehow complex in genre or method is something I strive for. I prefer abstract realism to any other "genre" because it allows more explosion in expression. Its like it can scream.

Joshua Alexander

We are proud to have Joshua join us here at our gallery. He comes highly recommended and his talent is obvious as you can see in the photographs below. These pieces are all fingers paintings and brushes are not used. However, he does more than just painting people. He does metal work as well and is a multi talented handyman that has spent years in the construction trades.

These are larger pieces and would look great on anyone's wall, especially for the music lovers. Slash is 30x40", Janis is 24x30". Steven Tyler 18x24". Freddie Mercury 24x30". Prints are available on some of these.

Click on the thumbnails to view larger images. But to be appreciated, these are a must see in person!

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