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Featured artist of the month

Michael Saddleback, check it out!

April 2019

We are happy to say that we have had 2 new artists join us this month. Brett Heidi and Gerald Lee.

Acrylic Pouring Classes

Nannette Walker will be your host at our gallery and this will be a ton o fun! Check out the News & Events page for details.


Please be advised that due to rising costs by our suppliers, we have no choice but to raise our prices effective January 1, 2019. We have done so by keeping these rising costs to a bare minimum. A one cent increase to paper prints, two cents to canvas prints and two cents to hot and cold press papers. Please check our pricing pages for complete details.

It's Happened Again

Yes yes and yes ma'am. We have another new gallery family member and her name is Madisin Bennett. Take a look at her current canvas print of an original she completed earlier this year. What makes this so special is the fact that she is legally blind. Check out her page for more information.

June 23 WAMF Coming soon

The Wetaskiwin Arts & Music Festival is on Saturday June 23, 9:30am - 9:30pm. You will most certainly want to attend this event. Over 30 artist and close to 30 musicians, food vendors, karate demos, buskers, and much more. This is a dry event, so leave your alcohol at home please as this is a family event.

June 4, 2018

Our podcast is taking off and we couldn't be happier. On June 2 we had ABBY K. in our studio to sing us a cover tune and talk about her ascending rise to fame. She has a CD release party coming up this month in Edmonton and we are extremely happy for her. Hard to believe she is only 16 years old ! We are proud to say that we got to share this with you before she becomes globally known :) Check out the podcast here.

Record number

We had a record number of customers come through our doors in April and we are very happy to say so!
This was due in part to being a ticket vendor for the Manluk Theatre, however most people commented that they didn't even know we were here. That's when they get hooked on seeing all our great artists work. See? Teamwork really does apply :)


Yup, hard to believe, but we took the next step and now have a Twitter account. Find us here: @DalconVisual

Two new artists

Well, only one of them is new, but the other is a returning artist.
Please welcome Caryn Wellingtan (new) and Petra Schile (returning) to the Dalcon Gallery family!
Click their names to see the amazing art these two ladies have to show!

Both artists have selected acrylics to showcase at the gallery. As we mentioned, Caryn is new to the family but she certainly has talent. She uses acrylic pour style and embellishments to her work.

Petra was one of our original artists when we opened exactly two years ago. We are super happy to have her return! Last time she had some incredible "Steam Punk-ish" art on our walls and they didn't last very long. Inside a week I think. This time she is using the acrylic pour method as well, but with her own style and methods.